About the blog

Oh, so you can read minds, right?”

By the way, saying that to a psychologist never gets old.

People believe so many things about psychology – it’s all “common sense”, or all pseudoscience, or of no practical use. What psychology is is really very simple. It’s the science of human behaviour. It’s taking the principles of science and of investigation and using them to help answer important questions, like “How can mental health issues be treated?”, and “How can I use salary and working environment to motivate my employees?” The answers to these questions might seem obvious, but the problem is, often they’re very different than you might expect. That’s what happens when you use the human brain to think about the human brain.

This blog is all about using science and psychology to answer the questions that are important to us as individuals and as organisations. People are very rarely individuals – they’re members of a society, a school, a team, an organisation. It also aims to counter the “bad science” that’s often presented in the media or accepted as normal. It’s about asking (and answering) interesting questions, and using research to help give us all the opportunity to be more effective and more fulfilled in our roles.

I hope you enjoy reading.


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